eigen“Eigen”, the third album of the project Zbeen, synthesizes and summarizes in five tracks the sonic research developed in about 18 months by Gianluca Favaron and Ennio Mazzon.
Following the suspended atmospheres of “Stasis” (Entr’acte, 2012) and after the extreme saturations of the EP “K-frame” (Ripples, 2012), the new album “Eigen” emphasizes even more the fragmentation and the non-linearity of the sound of the project by de facto defining the approach and the aesthetics of Zbeen.
The programming and improvisation are highly complementary in this chapter, the software applications, namely the digital tools of the project, have been designed and developed to promote an immediacy of interaction that would befit the improvisational side, both in the studio composition or during the live performance.
“Eigen” is a snapshot of sounds, the first arrival point of the project, a breaking point from which to start synthesizing new shapes, directions and measures.